Making A Complete Referral


Applied Behavior Analysis Services

Referral requirements are based on funding sources.


o List of concerns regarding skill development and/or behaviors.

o Referring diagnostician’s contact information (including contact individual).

Private insurances

o Referring diagnostician’s contact information (including contact individual).

o Depending on the insurance carrier, a written record of the diagnosis of Autism and a prescription from the diagnostician.

Florida Medicaid

o Prescription from the diagnostician.

o Referring diagnostician’s contact information (including contact individual).

o Diagnostician’s NPI & Medicaid provider ID.

o A Comprehensive Diagnostic Evaluation (CDE)

§ thorough review and assessment of the child’s development and behavior using national, evidence-based practice standards, which may include:

· Parent or guardian interview

· Teacher assessment

· Diagnostic testing using tools such as:

o Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS-2)

o The Childhood Autism Rating Scale – 2nd edition (CARS2)

o Modified Checklist for Autism in Toddlers, Revised (M-CHAT-R)

o Communication and Symbolic Behavior Scales (CSBS)

o Autism Diagnostic Interview, Revised (ADI-R)

o Social Communication Questionnaire

o Battelle Developmental Inventory– 2nd edition

o Hearing and vision testing

o Genetic testing

o Neurological and/or other medical testing

o Under the current FL Medicaid rules the CDE must be led by licensed practitioners qualified to assess child developmental disorders such as:

§ Developmental Pediatricians

§ Child Neurologists

§ Child Psychologists

§ Child Psychiatrists

How it works

Referral coordinator or patient may contact us at 407-205-7735. At this time, we are only accepting documentation in-person. Referral coordinators should give the diagnostic and referral documentation to the patients.

Once we are contacted, we will schedule a consultation with the patient. During the consultation we will review the documentation, explain our services, review expectations and next steps, and complete intake paperwork. This consultation is free of charge.

Self-paying patients may gain access to services immediately. Commencement of services for 3rd party payers will depend the policies and procedures of the 3rd party payer. An initial normative scales assessment and Functional Behavior Assessment (as well as other assessments based on individual cases) will be conducted by us before starting any services.