My A.B.A. P.A.S.S. Program

(Pediatric Autism Supportive Services)

Applied Behavior Analysis services for primary diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder & other related Developmental Disabilities or Delays.

My A.B.A. P.A.S.S. Program

The My A.B.A. P.A.S.S. Program provides clinic-based or home/community-based Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services for children and adolescents under the age of 18 who experience impairment in adaptive functioning that is related to either developmental delays or other health conditions.

Although the My A.B.A. P.A.S.S. Program is originally designed for those with the diagnosis of autism, it is not a diagnosis-specific program and children with diagnosis other than autism who exhibit communication and social skills deficits in combination with maladaptive behaviors may qualify for services.

What is Autism

Autism affects everyone in different ways in both severity and symptoms.

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a complex developmental condition of persistent challenges with an individual's skills related to social interaction, speech and nonverbal communication, and restricted/repetitive behaviors.

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